Taxi Parts

Our Brake Pads

Our Futura Brake Pads are trusted by the Taxi and Limousine industry and used in thousands of vehicles for over 20 years.

Positive molding technology provides the best possible quality and ensures longer pad and rotor life

AASA Leafmark compliant Eco Friendly formulation

Manufactured to O.E. specifications and includes sensors/wires where applicable

Available in Semi-Metallic and Ceramic Forumas

Heavy duty commercial grade long lasting brake pads

Our Brake Rotors

Used on hundreds of Taxi Vehicles in the GTA

Exceptional surface finishing helps eliminate early rusting

O.E. thickness ensures better braking performance, less noise and longer rotor life

Balanced and inspected for vibration free operation

Available in Anti-Rust Geo Coated & Drilled + Slotted