Terms and Conditions

For all applications please check compatibly tables found in the product descriptions and confirm vehicle information with us to ensure correct parts are ordered. 


All information must be confirmed prior to placing an order to ensure correct parts. Please message us via our contact us page prior to placing an order so that we can ensure vehicle compatibility. If an order is placed and no messaged is received we will assume that you are confident with the item’s compatibility and will proceed to ship out your order. If this occurs and the part does not fit a refund will not be issued.

All items include free shipping across Canada to all provinces (excluding territories). Please allow up to two days handling time for your item to be shipped out. A signature will also be required upon receiving your item.



Standard tax rates apply across Canada based on the location of the purchaser. Applicable rates are as follows:

CA,ON,13.00,HST (13%)
CA,NF,13.00,HST (13%)
CA,NU,5.00,GST  (5%)
CA,NT,5.00,GST  (5%)
CA,NB,13.00,HST (13%)
CA,NS,15.00,HST (15%)
CA,YT,5.00,GST (5%)
CA,SK,5.00,PST (5%)
CA,SK,5.00,GST (5%)
CA,PE,14.00,HST (14%)
CA,BC,5.00,GST (5%)
CA,AB,5.00,GST (5%)
CA,MB,5.00,GST (5%)
CA,MB,7.00,PST (7%)
CA,QC,5.00,GST (5%)
CA,QC,9.9750,PST (9.975%)


For payment we accept Paypal and Credit card payments (authorized through paypal, no account required).


To try and prevent incorrect orders being placed we strongly advise you to fill out our contact form in order to confirm vehicle compatibility prior to placing an order. Please include the year, make, model, 2WD or 4WD, Engine size as well as drum/rotor where applicable. If no compatibility message is received we will assume that you are confident in terms of compatibility and will ship the order. If the wrong part has been ordered by mistake a refund will not be issued. However, if we have incorrectly shipped you the wrong part number after confirming compatibility we will pay return shipping as well as send the correct item within 2 business days.